Our selection team looks for evidence of candidates:

  • with a sufficient academic foundation and learning potential to complete the degree concerned
  • with genuine financial need
  • who possess the aptitude, attitude and values that we believe makes for a successful career and life.

We choose to be a scholarship of last resort. If a student can obtain funding elsewhere, we encourage them to do so.


  • Our selection process is based on partnerships.
  • We do not accept unsolicited applications from students.
  • We partner with various organisations (NGOs, schools, municipalities etc.) in each country who work with high school students from challenging backgrounds, as well as with some financial aid offices at the universities concerned.
  • The process itself combines a referral (shortlist) from our partner organisations various assessments and personal interviews with a member of the Moshal Team. Our Selection Committee then makes a final decision.


  • Candidates must be accepted (or conditionally accepted) into an undergraduate program that we support at one of the universities we work with in each country.  See our Partners page for the list of academic institutions and other organisations we work with to identify potential Moshal Scholars.
  • The degree areas currently supported include engineering, natural and health sciences, medicine, IT and computer science, law, business, economics and maths. Currently we only support undergraduate degrees, though we support up to Honours in South Africa.
  • Financial need is a key criterion for us and evidence of this is required initially and on an annual basis. We also consider the student’s personal and family circumstances.
  • Beyond these specific criteria we look for entry grades that we believe shows a student’s ability to succeed at university, and we consider the student’s attitude and determination to succeed and make a difference.

Financial hardship should not impede or distract young students who have the aptitude to learn. If a young person has the drive to succeed and is willing to work hard, we will give them the funding for a practical university degree.