Qaqamba Maxamba

 “(My mother) always used to tell me I could do whatever I wanted if I had a good education.” “Sharing what I know makes me happy. It always feels good to do it and see someone else progressing and knowing I had a part in that.”  Every time she and her mother squashed into the […]

Shafiya Sait

On the day Shafiya Sait graduated as a physiotherapist she lay on the rug-by field at Stellenbosch University and looked up at the sky with total gratitude. There is little about her journey that was easy, but she wakes up in the mornings happy. This 29-year-old grew up in Mitchell’s Plain in the Western Cape […]

Selina Thabede

Selina Thabede, a human resources administrator for an international company, dreams of emulating her benefactor, Martin Moshal, and lifting the life trajectory of other young people.  “When I see him I wonder if he realises the impact he has on our lives,” says Thabede, 25. “He has given us a future and hope, and for that […]

Elior Ben Simon

“It was like winning the lottery – a gift from heaven! It was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me, apart from marrying my high school sweetheart Yael, of course!” When Elior was 19, one of his younger brothers was diagnosed with a serious illness. For six months his parents spent all […]

Nir Pinko

“I knew that I didn’t have to support myself while studying and this enabled me to focus on my examinations and finish the year with a 92% grade point average. It was thanks to Moshal and the feeling that, while I was supporting my family, here was a family that wanted to support me.” Nir […]

Kenny Phasha

“My degree wasn’t a breeze, it was hard work, but my highlight was finishing it in four years, which only 18% of my original class was able to do,” Kenny Phasha loves the idea of creating structures that will remain long after he is gone. Because of that, he is so grateful for having had […]

Sofia Robin

“Moshal recognized that I was a hard worker and very determined to succeed, and that working nights was inhibiting my academic performance. They stepped in not only with valuable financial support, but also with amazing moral support”. Sofia came to Israel from the Ukraine with her parents when she was just 3 months old. She […]

Kudzi Shambambeva

”One day I want to be able to take my grandmother to a hotel like that, so she can experience what it is like to eat nicely and be served.” When Kudzanai Shambambeva walked through the doors at KPMG in January 2016 it heralded his overcoming the toughest obstacle he has faced in his 25 […]

Tatiana Sematch

Never stop Dreaming! “When I opened the email I thought that it was one of those spam messages saying “You have won a million dollars” – I didn’t believe it! I kept opening it and reading it again, until I realized that it was real – I had been given a full scholarship!” Tatiana’s father […]

Ilunga Mutonkole

For too many years Congolese doctor Ilunga Mutonkole did not know whether he would ever be able to put the letters D and R before his name. From war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo to Zambia and then South Africa, it has been a tough journey. Ilunga – one of six siblings – spent his […]