The 2018 Annual Event through the eyes of Innocent Ngiwaza

The Annual Event weekend always begins with the anticipation of the travel to the main destination. This is definitely an event to look forward to, especially to me, a guy from the rural Lusikisiki as it is the only time I get to fly. In a nutshell, that is what Moshal is to me, an eye-opener and a presenter of opportunities to be your best, and to experience the best.

As per usual, Moshal provides us as students with high quality training and workshops, covering the areas of soft skills development, personal mastery and basic etiquette, tailored to fit the exact needs of our varying fields of studies. This year was no different, my highlight being, the panel discussion where we had the pleasure of submitting our questions to seniors and qualified professionals including Yael Lavie, the chairperson of the program.

At the dinner, it is always such an honour to give audience to the man himself, Dr Martin, the amazing guest speakers and the amazing testimonials by my fellow students, particularly the guests from Ukraine and Israel, not forgetting the presentations by the different universities. These speakers validated the fact that the future is bright. Their stories of overcoming obstacles are overflowing wells of inspiration.

With the Moshal staff always on site to assist, I felt well catered for and valued. It was also motivating to see my fellow scholars receiving awards for their consistent hard work for last year. I can confidently say that even the first years were motivated to do their best to maintain the ongoing culture of excellency in the program.

This is what sets the program apart, its commitment to ensuring that we, as the recipients, are well rounded individuals with only the sky as the limit. I am very appreciative of being part of this prestigious, caring and excellence-driven family.

By Innocent Ngiwaza (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University).